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a simple jQuery plugin for pointing at stuff
is a small jQuery plugin that makes an element point to another element. Especially cool with scrolling and dragging!


jQuery.PointAt1.2 is a free, lightweight, jQuery plugin, that allows you to make an element point to a target, that is, any other element on a page. It's dead simple to use, with only one mandatory variable:

	target: "#targetElement"

Though being very simple, the plugin allows you to customize it's behavior, and hook functions to key events as needed.

jQuery.PointAt requires either the GPLv2 licensed jqrotate plugin, or a similar plugin, which offers functionality to rotate elements. For a MIT licensed alternative I recommend jQueryRotate. Please note that using a plugin other than jqrotate requires that you manually define the rotate function's name. See the API documentation for info on how to do this.


Browser support depends on your choice of rotation plugin. If you notice that jQuery.PointAt itself imposes some browser restrictions, please let me know.


jQuery.PointAt is licensed under the MIT license.


Please check out the demos to see the plugin in action. If you think the plugin might be useful in your project, head on down to the downloads section, grab yourself a copy, and see the How to use section for some advanced features.

I hope you find this plugin useful and easy to use!


Found a bug? Got a comment? Please post it here, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. :)

For general help about jQuery or using plugins, I recommend

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